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 Our Terms of Services (Happy Birthday Wishes Blog):

The Terms of Service Rules of this website are very simple and straightforward as mentioned below. 

Number 01:  if you want to copy any text or article on this website, you can do so without any copyright conditions. 

Number 02:  however, if you copy any image or text, provided that you do not use it in any business, such as prepaid websites cannot be sold on business websites, but if you want, there are social media such as Facebook, social media, Twitter, social media, YouTube, You can copy any photo or status from here for any happy birthday through any such social media like Instagram Pinterest and share these statuses through any such social media.

 Number 03 we always want our website to be known as a visitor friendly website. That is why we will not impose any kind of conditions for the benefit of the visitors so that the visitors do not face any kind of problem. However, in some cases we will be very steadfast if you share offensive links or post articles in the comment box of our website. We will immediately cancel your account if you notice any articles that are antisocial, addictive or do not comply with Google's rules, without notice of any reason. That's why you shouldn't do anything that will force you to take action against us. 

Number 04: Happy Birthday Wishes We would like to present the website in such a way that any visitor will enjoy visiting our website and we are seriously reviewing it so that they can come here again and again without any hindrance. 

Number 05: At the end, you will have a request. Please accept our terms very easily and we hope that you will visit our website again and again. If you have any problems with this site and the structure of the article nicely presented to you, I hope you can get all the directions.

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