105 Amazing Birthday Wishes for Friend & Top Birthday Quotes

Do you remember, today is the special day of the year, which is your dear friend's happy birthday! So on this auspicious day, a special gift, best Birthday wishes for friend, beautiful cake and Birthday e Cards or animated birthday E Cards make the day sweeter. 

Now the most important action you take is to prepare as much as you can. For that, you can make the happy moments of your dear friend's birthday memorable with the following world's best wishes messages and special birthday gifts.

Birthday Wishes for Friend, birthday wishes, birthday e cards,

What you will find here is good ideas about the best Birthday Gifts for your best friend, from heartwarming happy birthday messages to birthday e cards for your best friend. Animated birthday E Cards  and Group birthday e card are available here.

Birthday Wishes for Friend

1. Happy birthday my dear friend Adam! May your next moment fly high on the wings of success

2. Birthday Champaign wishes for friend! Know that this is the only birthday wish you deserve

3. Dear Amelia, you are the queen of special birthday moments today so go out of your way and eat with joy and enjoy a Happy birthday.

4. Today, your birthday moment is more than epic to me, because you are epic to me.

5. This happy birthday gift from you is a colorful dream for me.

6. As my best friend, I wish you to stay young like this for the rest of your life. Happy birthday!

7. Hello friends, I wish you all the best on your special day. May you start this year with success and gift everyone.

8. Many happy Birthday wishes to you! So now is your time to have fun and cheers with friends.

9. You are my very near and dearest person so I am sending you birthday wishes through Birthday e-cards

10. I have confidence in you that you will be able to celebrate your historic birthday today in a grand way and make everyone happy. Happy birthday for dear friend.

11. I hope that this auspicious moment of your birthday today brings you more mental energy that you can spend on your humanitarian work! happy birthday

12. Your heart is brighter than this birthday candle. Happy Birthday!

13. Wishing you a wonderful and joyful birthday celebration through Birthday e Cards

14. This birthday moment of yours is starting off well! Best Birthday Wishes Mona

15. I think you should celebrate your birthday in such a way that everyone thinks it was celebrated in a wonderful and romantic way

Birthday Wishes for Friend, birthday wishes, birthday wishes for sister

16. Today is remembering the best days of your life, so enjoy this best cake and happy birthday too.

17. On this happy birthday, I have ordered a wonderful cake for you from Amazon online market!

18. Friend I am really happy because my dream has come true. Because I have brought you the best birthday gift story book and your favorite sweets! happy birthday

19. Warmest wishes and endless love on your special happy birthday! Happy every moment you have

20. If someone asks what is my favorite and special day? I can close my eyes and say happy birthday to you without thinking

21. Dear Mike, Happy Birthday! Wishing you many blessings and unlimited love from within the flower garden.

22. I bring you a special gift of Happy birthday love, lots of happiness and your favorite cake!

23. Dear friend, on your birthday, I want to wish you some happiness that your life will be full of happiness. I am really happy to see such a sense of joy in you. Happy birthday!

24. Amelia! happy birthday You are the queen of this special happy day today. This happy day of yours will be the headline in my life. So happy birthday wishes for sister.

25. Friend Ryan, I hope you have a happy birthday and another blessed year. Birthday wishes for a friend.

26. Today is a very happy day, because you have a lot of fun on this happy birthday, it's really amazing to be able to take favorite pictures and eat different flavored cakes.

27. Did you know I have been waiting for this special happy day for a year, and that happy loving day is today! A very happy birthday from this close friend of yours.

28. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you never forget this special memorable day! Best wishes on your birthday.

29. Do you really want such a birthday party? A happy birthday celebration that will introduce you to the world as a more complete person. Happy birthday!

30. Your beautiful mind feels very happy to celebrate this birthday today. Happy birthday full of joy and love, Mona!

Birthday Wishes for Friend, birthday wishes, birthday wishes for sister, birthday e cards

31. I want to celebrate your birthday in a way that brings messages of happiness and bliss like the realm of your imagination. Happy birthday!

32. Listen friend, happy birthday for sister! Happy Birthday E Cards for your sister because if she is happy we will be much happier.

33. Happy birthday friend! Wishing you lots of love, blessings and a peaceful life always

Funny Best Friend Birthday Cards

34. Every day of the year there are good wishes for you but today on this special day I wish you love and blessings by lighting candles and birthday e-cards.

35. I believe in my heart, it is much more joy and privilege to wish birthday for a friend like you. Happy birthday Albert!

36. you are my best friend So I wish you a happy birthday with your favorite cake at your birthday dinner party.

37. Happy birthday friend! I am truly very lucky to have a best friend like you for life. So sending lots of birthday wishes and love to my kind and humane friend through birthday e cards.

38. Who said in my dream today is a special auspicious day! So I think your birthday should be really happy and joyful!

39. Today this special day seems to be a national holiday to me. Because no nation in the world has seen such a happy moment on my dear friend's birthday. Happy birthday!

40. My dear Amelia! I have sent you happy messages on your birthday and want to tell you that I love you so much through birthday e cards. May you be much happier, happy birthday!

41. This is the happy day and do you know that day will be celebrated today. Happy birthday!

42. Today I want to celebrate your birthday in such a way that you will remember it very well. Dear friend, I wish you a very special birthday!

43. Happy birthday! I have a wonderful gift for you on this special day of yours. If you close your eyes you will see that special gift! May you be happy and well.

44. Happy birthday friend! I will definitely try to give you what you want today. Blessings, peace and love will prevail in him.

45. Looking forward to celebrating such a day of the year and looking at the stars to exchange love and wishes for you.

Birthday Wishes for Friend, birthday wishes, birthday wishes for sister, birthday quotes

46. I am truly lucky to be friends with such an honest, humble and noble person like you. Happy birthday wishes and love too

47. Have you forgotten what time today? Today is my dear friend Alex's happy birthday and it is truly a day of joy and happiness for me that will never be forgotten.

48. Happy birthday my best friend, he is amazing, beautiful and amazing to me a fabulous great friend.

49. I think you are my best friend forever. So I want your birthday to be celebrated in rainy weather.

50. Happy birthday friend! Let's share some happy memories and joy with birthday e cards online.

51. Happy birthday is a special word that will make your heart happy. That special day is today, Happy Birthday Amelia.

52. If someone asks me what is your great special day? I can look at the moon in the sky and tell that day is my dear friend's birthday!

53. My best friend, I thought last night that your birthday will be celebrated in such a way that you will receive more gifts and love than you could ask for.

54. Come on friend, today is your special happy birthday moment. I have arranged that on your birthday we will party and sing! happy birthday.

55. Dear friend, you know we have been best friends for a long time. I know, will never create any bad influence in you. May your birthday be filled with joy.

56. You are my true best friend and I wish you a thousand birthday wishes to your beautiful soul.

57. Happy birthday to my dearest BFF with many wishes and sincere congratulations.

58. Dear friend, I still smile when I think of you, we cry together when I am sad and sing together with happiness. happy birthday

59. Happy birthday! I couldn't imagine how a year ended. But I have a special day in mind and on this day I will happily attend the birthday party and have a lot of fun.

60. Today is my best friend's birthday. So I want to take the help of technology for birthday gifts and that can be through birthday e cards.

61. Happy birthday! I found strength and inspiration in myself by having a best friend like you.

62. A moment of laughter and joy awaits you. I am very happy to be a part of your happy atmosphere, so I want to say Happy birthday with music.

63. My dear best friend, on this special birthday of yours, I stand under the open sky and send greetings through birthday e cards. Happy birthday!

64. Happy birthday! I believe distance can never be a barrier on your birthday because on this special day of yours I will participate right now and sing birthday songs.

65. Friend, Tema's birthday is a great memorable day for me because I wouldn't feel good if I can't cheer happy birthday with you.

Top Birthday e Cards Quotes

66. Happy birthday! On my dear friend's birthday, I want to say the best quotes in the world by Birthday e Cards that I miss you so much my friend.

67. My fanciful mind says happy birthday out loud today! Lots of love and best wishes.

68. Happy birthday to you! I hope you share your laughs and tears with me just like you share happy memories with your best friends.

69. Friends, you know that age is only a number! So every birthday celebration is memorable for me. Happy birthday! So Happy Birthday e Cards

70. Happy birthday! On this birthday of yours and in moments of joy, looking at the candles, I promise to be your best friend forever.

71. You are my best friend in the world so I wrote unique birthday e cards wishes for your birthday. happy birthday

72. Dear friend! Today you are the best happy birthday girl who filled everything with the best of you. happy birthday!

73. Happy birthday! I am just thinking that we will be a birthday party together tonight, sing and tell my sister a Birthday Wishes for sister through Birthday E Cards.

74. You are my best friend! I will be a lot more happy on your birthday and you understand that the best friends do this.

75. Happy birthday! I couldn't even think of how another year passed. Every year, your birthday is like stylish.

Birthday Wishes for Friend, birthday wishes, birthday wishes for sister, birthday message

76. Dear friend, I will have a special request on your happy birthday that you are my best friend so I will celebrate the birthday on the boat with you! There will be many cheers.

77. Happy birthday my best friend! So you bring this awesome cake and bring drinks with because it will be a lot of joy today.

78. For my best friend on your special important day, I have hidden the best gift I have hidden and I want to give you this best gift.

79. Friends, now that wonderful moment so let's all cheers together, sing in the party because today's dear friend Happy Birthday

80. Happy birthday! It seems to me that one year has gone very fast because we will enjoy the joy of celebrating birthdays now.

81. Many cheers and sincere love and great congratulations to you on your special day. Happy birthday!

82. One thing I remembered on your happy birthday is that it is mandatory to be older but to grow up is an optional thing. Happy your birthday!

83. Happy birthday! You are like this bright smile that the next days are spent.

84. I wish you silently on your birthday as the tree gives silent shade. Happy birthday!

85. You must know that I can never enjoy life and happiness without a best friend like you. Happy birthday!

86. I have faith in you that you can make this world a better environment if you want to. So, make your birthday moments more joyful!

87. Happy birthday my dear friend! So I wish you a very happy birthday that you become smarter and more efficient in your work.

88. Today I very much hope that all your wishes and desires will be fulfilled. May your wonderful wishes come true!

89. Today on your happy birthday I wish you all your wishes and success because you are my best friend. Best wishes from Birthday e Cards.

90. Happy birthday dear friend, I wish you to be the best talent when you are old enough to go to school.

91. I believe that you are a humble, beautiful and humane person so I wish you happy birthday.

92. You are my best friend I have celebrated many birthdays together but I am more happy because you are my best and best friend. Happy birthday!

93. You are truly awesome and incredible. So I wish your birthday celebration to be very beautiful and incredible celebration always even in imagination.

94. Dear friend, one thing you should remember is that you have always been my dearest and best friend, are now and will always be my best friend. happy birthday!

95. Happy birthday friend! I wish you all the best and have a happy day today and a happy and prosperous year ahead.

96. I hope your birthday is as incredible and wonderful as you are!

97. May your life shine like the sun and wish you a year full of joy.

98. Happy birthday dear friend! May your day be filled with lots of happiness and surprises.

99. Happy birthday! Ripe mango and jack fruit wishes as summer birthday wishes.

100. I know why on your happy birthday ocean waves are formed inside my mind which cannot be explained to you. Happy birthday my dear friend.

101. Friend I have brought you a special gift on your birthday and if you want to get it you have to tell me how many liters of water is in the river. happy birthday.

102. As the clouds move towards the sky, my heart longs to wish you a happy birthday!

103. Happy birthday my best friend! Happy birthday e cards wishes on your birthday and a million hearts love forever.

104. Happy birthday! Never imagined that I could celebrate your birthday in such a quiet atmosphere, may you have a happy birthday.

105. Happy birthday Amelia! I colored your birthday with the song of birds, the sound of rain and the love of my heart.

If you read our best quotes and best birthday ideas, you will understand how important these best quotes can be in celebrating a happy birthday. Also we have tried more sincerely to give you the best quotes through birthday e cards.


1. When should best friend birthday greetings messages and birthday gifts be given?

Answer: You can send special greeting messages to your best friend on the special moment of birthday and gift your friend's choice.  

2. What are the best birthday wishes messages and unique gifts for a dear friend?

Answer: Hope you get the best birthday wishes and gift ideas for friend from this content. As a result, your friend will be much happier.

3. How can I wish a friend birthday by singing birthday songs and birthday e cards? 

Ans: You can sing birthday songs on the occasion of your dear friend's birthday celebration and you can send birthday quotes through birthday e cards. 

4. Where to easily send best birthday wishes and awesome birthday gifts online for friend?

Answer: There are some fantastic ways to send you the best birthday wishes for a friend that you have to sincerely explore. If you are sincere then you can easily send best birthday quotes and unique gift ideas from this site. Which your dear friend will be happy to see this gift.

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